Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee is similar to a board of governors for a school and supports 1st Duffield leaders and volunteers to run the scout group

About the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee in Scouts is like a Board of Governors in a school. Although the "Executive" bit in our title makes us sound formal, it is actually not like that at all. We are often parents of children from within the Scout Group, or other volunteers without children in the group, who give up their free time to ensure that the group continues to meet its charitable purpose, safely and legally. We make sure that there is enough money for our fantastic team of volunteer leaders to deliver the programme and ensure that equipment like tents and activity materials are available and safe to use. Key responsibilities are to:

  • Maintain the Scout Hut

  • Provide Equipment for the Scout Group

  • Ensure that the Scout Group is suitably insured

  • Raise funds for the group

  • Administer the Scout Group's finances

  • Act as a Trustee for the Group

  • Assist in the recruitment of leaders

  • Organise social events

  • Ensure 1st Duffield Scout group runs effectively and appropriately.

We are a friendly bunch and always welcome new members, whether you have a child in Scouts or not. We meet every 4-6 weeks for about 1-2 hours. If you would like to help out but haven't the time to be leader or helper, then the Executive would be a great way of getting involved with minimal time commitment. We ideally would like a parent presentative from each section. This means we have a good spread of opinion and a reasonable base of volunteers to call upon from time to time. We very much believe that many hands make light work and that no one person should have to ever do too much! Please get in touch either with the current chair of the Executive Committee (Wei Crowson) at chair@1stduffield.org.uk 

The current members of the Executive Committee are as follows: 


Wei Crowson

Exec Chair & Fundraising


Eddie Cartwright 

Group Scout Leader


Karen Furness 



Dave Butterworth



 Ines Hankinson

Group secretary 


Marie Cartwright  

Fundraising and Comms


Laura Bennett

co-assistant quartermasters


Rachel Humphries  

Exec member, fund raising and gift aid coordinator 


Adrian Pinder

Exec member , website and scout hut coordinator 

We also have a Fundraising Subcommittee who organise and run fundraising activities for the group. Members are


Kelly Kemp 

Exec Member and fundraising lead


Mary Lewis


April Stobbart


Nitesh Patel


Esther Almond

Laura II.png

Kay Croot

Exec member and fundraising

Richard Bennett

co-assistant quartermasters

Richard II.png