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Looking for your child to join Beavers, Cubs or Scouts? Just complete the form below and we'll start the process

Aged 6 to 8
Aged 8 to 10.5
Aged 10.5 to 14

Duffield Scout Group caters for young people aged 6-14. Most members of the Group started their Scouting in Beavers at the age of 6.  We are limited by how many people we can have in each Section so we recommend applying in plenty of time, well before your child's 6th birthday.


If you wish to join the waiting list then please read the admissions policy and then complete the application form below.  We will be in touch as soon as a place becomes available. Please note Duffield Scout Group accepts applications from both boys and girls in all Sections!

To register your child for beaver, cubs or scouts please complete this form:

Please select which group
We are a voluntary organisation which thrives due to family inclusion and participation, please identify which area is of interest:

We will contact you prior to the admission date.  If your child is not yet 5, the application will kept on file until their 5th birthday and then their name will be added to the Beaver Scout waiting list. 


Please contact Deborah Osman, the Group Scout Leader if you have any queries:  07429 458457or

Please note Explorers is controlled by Belper District and isn't directly related to Duffield Scout Group.  If you are interested in joining Explorers then please contact them directly at

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