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Scout Hut Terms and Conditions

When booking the Duffield Scout Hut,  Hirers agree fully to the following conditions:

1. The fee includes the use of: Main Hall, Kitchen and Toilets. Kitchen utensils, crockery and kettle may be used. All breakages must be reported and replaced. Please do not use the cooker.

2. The fee includes the use of: Benches, chairs and tables (located in rear right hand store). Note: care should be taken in the movement of the furniture  and ensure safe and secure return.

3. The fee DOESNOT include use of the upstairs space.

4. Hirers shall familiarise themselves with the position and methods of operation of the fire extinguishers and exit doors


5. The Hirer shall be responsible for any damage or loss to the premises or its contents. Any breakage or faults shall be reported to the booking secretary as soon as possible. 

6. Strictly NO SMOKING on the premises

7. The sale of alcohol is prohibited unless Hirers have specific approval from the Booking Secretary and that appropriate Licence(s) from the local authority have been acquired.

8.  The premises shall be left clean and tidy. Moderate amounts of rubbish should be suitably packaged and placed in external dustbins.  Excessive amounts should be disposed of by the hirer. Cleaning products are located in the tall kitchen cupboard.  Floor cleaning equipment is located in the store cupboard next to the external door.

9. The Hirer are responsible for ensuring proper use of the premises. Ensure all lights/ power sockets are switched off and doors are closed and secured when leaving.

10. Please respect our neighbours and keep noise levels and disturbance to a minimum when arriving and leaving the premises.

11. Cancellation later than 14 days prior to the event may result in a cancellation that could be up to 50% of payment. 

12. Payment for a booking must be made in advance of the event.  Please pay either through our webshop (link here) or by cheque. We strongly prefer payment via the webshop. Cheques should be made payable to 1st Duffield Scout Group


Important Information:

First Aid Box:  Main hall (wall mounted under balcony)


Water Stop Tap: Under kitchen sink and pavement on A6


Kitchen Hot Water:  DO NOT ALTER- Press "Boost" button on water heater to activate.


Heating Control :DO NOT ALTER- 10 minutes timer button (white) is located on the wall to the right of the chalkboard. Press as needed. 


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